Crochet Cactus Jewellery

Cactus earring necklace set

These sets of cacti earrings and necklaces were designed to bridge the gap between the cacti and crochet components of our little family business (read more about us here). In particular, I was hoping that they could get some of the cacti-obsessed visitors to our regular craft market stall interested in looking at the crochet too. Continue reading


Little crochet flowers and their many uses

Hydrangea petals

These little crocheted flowers were always intended to become part of a bouquet of hydrangeas. It was a last-minute idea I had for a friend’s birthday, but when I started making the components, I discovered a crochet hydrangea was absolutely not a last-minute-appropriate idea.

So in the end I used a few of the flowers and crocheted a leaf to make a cute curly flower pod at the last minute for my friend.

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My (mostly less than satisfactory) attempts to invent a better Misfit Flash wrist band


So a month or two ago I picked up this second-hand Misfit Flash at auction on eBay for a bargain. It’s pretty much one of the least fancy fitness trackers out there, and no longer sold new as it is from a previous generation of trackers, but it is from one of the respected brands in the fitness tracking world.

I’d been thinking of getting some sort of activity/sleep tracker for a couple of years – not because I’m at all into fitness (I have to admit I basically detest anything that increases my heart rate), but because I wanted to have a better understanding of my sleeping and activity patterns over weeks, months and years as part of generally monitoring my health. And if it happened to inspire me to actually do some exercise, that wouldn’t hurt either….. Continue reading

Unicorn Beanie – mane tutorial

Unicorn hat side2

I often start crocheting with an idea in mind and then find a free pattern for something similar on Pinterest to use as a place to start from. But even when I intend to follow the pattern because it’s already awesome, I almost always end up changing something along the way and creating my own version of it.

This beanie was different. First of all, the pattern sparked the idea rather than the other way around, and secondly, other than switching up the colours, making the horn longer and using a slightly smaller crochet hook, I pretty much followed the original pattern for this adorable unicorn beanie right to the end! Continue reading

The Learning Curve

My crochet journey began with knitting.

I learnt to knit when I was about 8 years old. A Dutch friend of my mother’s taught me along with my older sister because although my mum could knit, my left-handed sister struggled with learning the English method which clearly favoured the right-handed. I found knitting a useful skill, particularly to while away the many hours in the car as my family travelled around Australia with a caravan when I was 10 (see below for some pictures of my beautiful country – taken by my 10 year old self on my old film camera).

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The Start

I guess a blog has to start somewhere so here it is….the start.

Why am I blogging and what am I blogging about? Well, here’s the story.

My husband and I recently started a Facebook page in an attempt to bring our vastly different interests together……you guessed it, cacti and crochet. Not sharing many interests and looking to more productively occupy our time while searching for work, we decided to see if we could start a local business. Well, the very very micro, not sure we really wanted a ‘real’ business sort of business. Initially, just a place where we could share our passions and find others who wanted to share them too – and if people were interested in buying things, all the better!

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