Little crochet flowers and their many uses

Hydrangea petals

These little crocheted flowers were always intended to become part of a bouquet of hydrangeas. It was a last-minute idea I had for a friend’s birthday, but when I started making the components, I discovered a crochet hydrangea was absolutely not a last-minute-appropriate idea.

So in the end I used a few of the flowers and crocheted a leaf to make a cute curly flower pod at the last minute for my friend.

It was just a little token gift to let her know I was thinking of her on her birthday, and I was pretty happy with the result.

Flower pod

But then I had dozens of little purple flowers left over and a couple of half-formed ideas of how to put them all together into a hydrangea which I really wanted to try out.

Making a Hydrangea flower:

The pattern for the little flowers was simple. For each flower: make a magic ring, then *ch3, 2 triple crochet into ring, ch3, sc into ring* four times to make four petals. Tighten the magic ring so there is no hole in the middle and fasten off. Honestly, weaving in all the ends is the part that takes the longest!

I used 2ply cotton yarn and a 2mm hook. I made 30 light purple and 30 mid-purple flowers, but I probably only used about 40 flowers in the hydrangea I made.

To put them all together I first tried attaching each flower to a wire and then twisting all the wires together to form a stem. Then I fanned out the wires to create a sphere with the flowers. I had seen this method used to make paper hydrangeas.

Hydrangea wire plan

I thought this plan was pretty good but it really didn’t work very well. Perhaps my wire was too flimsy or maybe I just needed a lot more flowers to make it dense enough, but either way, I wasn’t happy with the result. So I pulled it apart and the flowers were left in a box.

My hydrangea didn’t actually come into being until many months later when I finally purchased myself a whole lot of straight pins with pearl-white heads and a Styrofoam ball to execute my second idea. This time, I simply pinned the flowers all around the Styrofoam ball alternating the lighter and darker flowers to get a bit of variation. This was a much easier and quicker option and the pin-heads were the perfect way to define the centre of each flower which had been sadly missing in the previous attempt. I used a few flowers with wire from the previous attempt around the base to create the stem.



It was still time-consuming enough (mostly the crocheting individual flowers/petals bit) that I definitely wasn’t going to make another hydrangea for an arrangement like my original idea, but I did have a few flowers still left over from the 60 I’d originally made.

So when Mother’s Day came along I decided to use the remaining flowers to make my mother and grandmother cards. My favourite was the vase of flowers for my mother.

Mothers day flower card fold

Here’s how I put it together:

  1. First, I attached a wire to each flower.
  2. Then I covered the wires with green floral tape and bound the bottom of the stems together with some hemp twine. I layered the twine until it built up to become the vase and no stems could be seen through it.
  3. I folded a piece of white A5 cardstock in half to create the card and then stuck the vase to the front with some double-sided tape. It didn’t need to stick particularly securely, just to hold it in place while I attached the flowers.
  4. I arranged the flowers the way I wanted by bending the wires and then I inserted a pin into the centre of each flower, poking the pin through the flower and the card. To secure the pins in place I bent them so that they lay flat on the inside of the card and taped over them. You could add a piece of paper over the pins to hide them if you wished, but I just left them taped securely.
  5. To finish off the card I just drew a border around it with a brown felt tip pen.

I wanted the card for my grandmother to look different so I had to come up with another way to use the flowers – I decided on a wreath. The process was the same as above, except I attached the wires in a circle before wrapping entirely in twine, and I drew green leaves and swirls in felt tip pen between the flowers to fill out the wreath. I finished it off with a handwritten Happy Mother’s Day message at the bottom. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to photograph that card and my Grandmother seems to have misplaced it… so an illustration will have to do instead.

Mothers day flower card wreath illustration

Which card design is your favourite?

Although it was tedious making all the little flowers in the first place, it was fun to work out many different ways to use them. And I’m sure there’s a million more ways I haven’t thought of yet!


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