The Start

I guess a blog has to start somewhere so here it is….the start.

Why am I blogging and what am I blogging about? Well, here’s the story.

My husband and I recently started a Facebook page in an attempt to bring our vastly different interests together……you guessed it, cacti and crochet. Not sharing many interests and looking to more productively occupy our time while searching for work, we decided to see if we could start a local business. Well, the very very micro, not sure we really wanted a ‘real’ business sort of business. Initially, just a place where we could share our passions and find others who wanted to share them too – and if people were interested in buying things, all the better!

And it went well. We quickly got lots of ‘likes’ (or at least it seemed like lots to me!) and suddenly he had lots to do as I discovered there were hundreds of other people as crazy about cacti as him! He’d post up photos of a new lot of cacti he’d potted up and then I wouldn’t see him for 3 days as he got orders, negotiated with buyers, picked up boxes, wrapped cacti for transport and sent packages all over the country. After a hectic couple of days I’d get him back again….until the next round. So for the cacti part of the business it suddenly seemed like maybe even a ‘real’ business was possible.

But then there was the crochet. Much less interested in the business side, I was mainly using the page as the inspiration for me to finally get around to taking photos to document the many things I make – something my mother had been pleading me to do with my artwork, cards and handmade gifts for many years. It seemed a great idea to also allow people to purchase my crocheted items if they were interested, so the page would also be a place for me to pass on some of the crochet items piling up in our much-too-small house. However, selling crochet didn’t have immediate success like the cacti. The difference? Maybe there are more people interested in buying cacti than crochet. But maybe not. Probably it’s just because I am terrible at self-advertising, while my husband excels at networking with like-minded plant lovers. Consequently, when almost all the first 150 followers of the page were there for the cacti, I started feeling less and less like posting crochet was going to interest anyone. My husband still wanted me to post pictures and sell my crochet there because “what is Cacti & Crochet without the crochet?”, but I realised I wanted more.

Our Facebook page Cacti & Crochet is still a great place for me to post things for sale and I will continue to do so, but I found that having started documenting the final products, I wanted to be able to share the process, the patterns, the struggles, the excitements along the way. And that leads me here! So here we are, a new blog to satisfy my crochet-loving self and post all the extra detail and commentary in my head that’s too much for FB 🙂

If you’re still with me – thanks! I hope you enjoy following my crochet journey. A heads up though, if I manage to keep the blog going over the years I’m guessing it will expand to include much more than just crochet….so I hope that’s okay too.


One thought on “The Start

  1. clairebelberg May 2, 2017 / 11:38 am

    I’m going to enjoy following your crochet adventures 🙂

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